Saturday, February 10, 2007

new shows yeah?

here are new shows i'm in soon. i'll have more details later, i'm super tired right now, and more importantly i just bought the new Castlevania game for the DS and i need to get playing. i just thought i'd post something up before i get too lazy and don't do it at all.i'll post more details later.

i'm in this show in Hoboken, NJ at Maxwells gallery. the opening is February 19th 7-10pm. go see it if you're in Hoboken

Also I'll be in the Fountain New York show February 22. pretty big deal apparently, directly across from the Armory show at Pier 94.

Also showing at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on March 2 for the Everything But the Kitschen Sync show

OH YEAH! and i'm also in that I Am 8-Bit show at Gallery 1988 opening in April. go to that one too.
and i'll be in another Gallery 1988 show the month following that i think for Cult Movies.

umm, i THINK that's all for up til april or May. i dont' know. and don't forget about the two awesomedellic shows coming up in June back to back at two separate coasts of the US:June 9th Thinkspace gallery and McCaig-Welles Gallery are hosting two shows celebrating the Artdork Collective members.
so i think that's it for now. i hope you get the chance to check them out if you're in the areas.

ok, i have some jelly to eat now. i'll post more details after the jelly.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


i just had the weirdest dream! i had a dream that i was Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future and i was trapped in the year 1985 with Doc Brown. we came across our old selves from when the future got switched around in Back to the Future II but we didn't stop to say hello. WHY WOULDN'T WE STOP TO SAY HELLO!?! MAYBE WE COULD HAVE HELPED OURSELVES OUT!! stupid laws of temporal dislocation. anyways, so we then had to hide out in this old garage and live in the backseat of the Delorean eating cereal and tootpaste. but then while we were telling ghost stories someone started pounding on the garage walls. BAAAAAM!!! IN BUSTED THE TERMINATOR!! ARNOLD WAS TOTALLY GOING TO DESTROY US! HE STARTED CHASING ME AROUND THE GARAGE WITH A BASEBALL BAT AND A CUP FULL OF PUDDING AND THEN HE FINALLY CAUGHT ME! WAAAAAUGH!! "DONUT MOVE!!" he said right as he slammed me into the floor.
then that liquid metal guy showed up and tried to kill both of us. and Doc was still in the Delorean eating toothpaste and using MY TOOTHBRUSH!! i was so going to kill him. THAT'S JUST GROSS!! but lucky it was just one of those cheap travel toothbrushes that you get from any hotel if you forgot your own. i like getting free stuff like that when i travel..BUT ANYWAYS THE next thing i know i'm getting shot at by one of those big ass chain guns and Terminator's taking all the bullets in his back while he's eating his pudding. Then he gains spiderman powers all of a sudden and jumps into this big theater where they were holding American Idol auditions. i ran up to the stage to tell everybody to get out but then instead i just started to sing Money Maker by Ludacris and they all hated it. so then they started throwing lizards at me. WHO GETS LIZARDS TO THROW!?

but that's when i woke up...and i haven't been able to get Money Maker out of my head since then. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE LUDACRIS!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New work in progress

Hey, well i just wanted to share a new painting i'm still tweaking with for the next "I AM 8-BIT" show for Gallery 1988. it's based on Contra. remember Contra? REMEMBER!!!

Title: "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right,...WHAT!?!"
medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 30" x 24"

there are still a lot of little things that i want to fix on it, but because of time restraints and that the gallery is looking to get most people's works to them for their press releases, here it is. don't remind me that the photo sucks. i know it sucks. DAMNIT I KNOW!! Even Mark Murphy's told me that my photo skills are the sucks. unfortunately i don't have proper equiptment or know how to take a good photo of paintings, especially for print. so if any of you out there know how to properly capture souls through the lenses of a digital magic picture box, please, TEACH ME!!

oh yeah, to further embarrass myself by showing you my mad photo skills, i have these to show you from the other day on my way to and from work.

it's hard to tell, but my entire car had a thick shell of ice around it. took me awhile just to chisel the ice away to get in.

This is where i work at. The Russel Industrial center. it looks like it'd be the coolest place to be at for a zombie infestation.

well that's about that for photos right now. i have a bunch of shows coming up for the next few months, so i'll keep posting them up here for you to keep updated if you care.
i'll do it later though, i just got done teaching and i'm drained. not really from class, but just in general. i felt bad because i kind of took some frustration out on my students today. oh well, they'll get over it. bruises heal over time just as long as you're able to lie about how you got them :)