Sunday, November 16, 2008


here is the completed piece for Mark Murhpy's show at Art Basel

title: "A Cupcake Monster is STILL A Monster"
size: 10" x 10"
medium: acrylic on canvas

here's a quick post while i'm laying on the floor.

this is an nigh completed painting i'm doing for Mark Murhpy's show at Art Basel this year. i'll probably be able to finish it today to ship out tomorrow...praying that my Bayer kicks in soon. seeing how i'm now taking 6-8 tablets at a time, i'm surprised that my liver hasn't jumped out of my body yet and attempted to stab me in the head.

speaking of Bayer, this has pretty much been my diet for the past month and a half...what with 2 for $1 apple pies at Macdonald's, all the cake and candy they've been feeding us at the office, the Costco quantity Redbull and Bayer packs, and making sure i don't smell as bad because i've been sacrificing 15 minutes of shower time to pack in either 15 more minutes of sleep or work...i forget where i was going with this... but i'm also losing all feeling in my spine and right that's a good sign.
here are some pictures of my cubicle at work.

Friday, November 14, 2008

long and teen angst filled entry...don't bother reading.

seriously you shouldn't read this entry, it's just me bitching and moaning...but i needed to get it out somehow. also, i figured since i somehow managed to finally nearly heal my spine back into its original configurations, i decided to completely throw it out again JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT! so instead of painting and trying to meet 3 out of 4 deadlines right now...i'm lying on the floor crying with a pile of sharp and jagged Sun Chips crumbs being crushed in between my neck and chin. of course i could just simply sweep the chips from off my neck, but damnit...I DESERVE TO BE LAZY EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE!!

ok so here's what's been up with me this month so far. this is only the abridged version..

-halloween parties over at over. work resumes
-given position of lead artist for a game project to be released before winter...hard-deadline due on the 14th
-asked to do some over time due to an overload of requested artwork from corporate.
-starting a painting for Mark Murphy's show at Art Basel in miami due around the 18th
- an old buddy from college, Serge Gay, asked me if i'd like to help him do some animated paintings for the Fall Out Boy music video they're working on. at this point everything is going awesome. this is old news, nothing i can't handle...and that's when things start to come crashing down around me...

-last minute decision for music video job to paint 7' long cardboard panels with some aerial scenes. (this is where i popped my spine back out again, as well as bruised my knee caps while trying to kneel over the boards on concrete.) no sleep from friday night til sunday afternoon as i was working on an animation at work due on monday and painting these panels with the worst translucent house paint anybody could paint with.

a little biggie. a job's a job. i can catch up on sleep later.

-monday morning i get a call from another buddy of mine asking if i could do an iphone application job that another aritst was originally supposed to work on but got caught up on some personal shit. of course i'll do it, no problem! all i have to do is simple Flash based static drawings all due by friday asked to be done in MY style...shit i pump out about 10 flash drawings easily every day at work in someone else's style. this was cake. and for a REALLY good fee too.

so i get home from work around 730pm, start working on the roughs til around midnight and then decide i need a nap til 3 and then start painting the piece for Mark's show. i'm tired...but i'll survive. just got to paint til 830 then i gotta go to the post office to pick up a package that i supposedly have because nobody was home to receive it...

so i get down to the post office and can't find a single parking spot for 10 minutes. I finally get one and slap all my change from my car in the meter only to get a crappy 12 minutes. walk 2 block down to the post office...WHAT THE TITS!??! VETERANS DAY...CLOSED!!?!??! FUCKING KIDDING ME!! WHY THE FUCK WAS THERE NO PARKING AROUND THE CLOSED FUCKING POST OFFICE THEN!?! FUCK!!!

whatever...just get to work by 930 you'll be fine you'll still be able to leave by 6pm tonight to meet with the guys from the other job to look over story boards. i make it from korea town all the way to glendale...until i realized that i left my security card and wallet at home


i dont get to work til 10:45. slap on my computer, check my emails...

"uh, you know that winter board game you've been working on all last week and this weekend? you know for all the artwork that had already been approved and tested...well can you redo all of it so that it looks like it was made with a 3d program in flash?" (and of course i am badly paraphrasing with some horrible exaggerating. my supervisor is actually really a good guy, but this was out of his hands but you get the point of my frustration)
anyways, whatever, i'll do it no problem, i'll get it all done by friday's deadline.

email comes in about the iphone job..."the client wants it to look more like japanese anime...they really don't know what they want. but they really like anime. can you redo your roughs and send them in again?"

ANIME!?!? I'M GOING TO TITTY FUCK YOUR MOM!!'s ok. whatever. it's a job. i've had these jobs before. just do the job, give the client what they ask for and get your money and run.

6pm comes along...even though i came in to work mad late...fuckit i gotta meeting i gotta get to. meet up with the guys about the music video...go over the story boards and list of assets needed and they say,

"oh and guess know those panels you stayed up all night painting with serge? yeah we ended up not using them at all..haha they were apparentely too large for the carousel. hoo-boy. crazy huh?"

and you know what? despite the shit that's been happening, i am so suprised at my exterior optimistic appearance that i've managed to portray. "yeah that's no big deal...this type of thing happens all the time," i tell them.

i get home after the meeting...fuck now i gotta "anime" my original drawings for the iphone job...i finish around 3 am. still got a little bit of redbull in me so i decide to paint some more until i need to go back to the post office to get that package...hopefully they're open this time.

i'm not even going to tell you the bullshit that went on in that post office..but let's just say that i was about to beat the shit out of the old man who had the mold farm growing in his ears with the stinky old lady standing behind me.
but i did finally get my package. and it was of Heiko Muller's book that he sent me ages ago but got returned to him because of the same post office bullshit...but Heiko are the best by the way. you fucking made my day with that little book of yours. seriously if i didnt have that thing to look at during the rest of the shit i was about to get into, i think i would have accidentally killed the sweet little girl that sits in the cubicle next to me for no apparent reason...and she's been nothing but a kind and good friend to me since i got moved into that part of the office!!

so what happened that was such shit? i get an email from the iphone people..."hey so look, we're not doing the project anymore because what we really wanted apparently was something that looked like OVER THE TOP anime! like really crazy cartoony and comical anime shit..but still portrayed this incredibly serious and dramatic tone so that people take it seriously and not a joke like sailor moon, but if you can make it as close to resembling sailor moon because THAT'S WHAT WE FUCKING WANT BECAUSE WE'RE MOTHER FUCKING VAGINA FLABS WHO DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WE'RE FUCKING FUCK FUCK TALKING ABOUT!!!....FUCK!!!!"

so awesome...i just lost a $3000 account just because my subconscience apparently doesn't want to be a fucking tool and draw anime. good job dave.

well, so i then shut off my computer, Nhu (my cubicle buddy) asked if i was ok, i calmy said i was fine, then quietly walked down the emergency stairs, into the parking lot, and then to my car and RIPPED THE HEAD OFF OF A FUCKING STRAY CAT!!! HOLY ASS!!! I FEEL LIKE EVERY JOB I'VE RECEIVED THIS MONTH HAS BEEN DEALT TO ME FROM THE MONKEY'S PAW!! I MEAN...GAAAWAWG! STRETCH BALL SKIN! I'M TIRED!! I'M...IF...

Ok you know what, i'm done bitching and moaning. that's all i needed to get out. i can't spend anymore time blogging. i still have a fucking painting to finish.

ps. is there some kind of a rigged easel set that you can buy so that you can paint while laying on your back?

Monday, November 03, 2008


you know what? yesterday i had uploaded these photos from this weekend's halloween parties, and i was going to blog about all the exciting things that happened during these parties and the fun costumes i saw and all that..

BUT WHO FLIPPING CARES!! WE HAVE OUR NEW PRESIDENT TONIGHT!!! GO OBAMA! thanks to everybody who went out and voted today...there's too much excitement to really talk about me or anything else right now, but because i already uploaded these photos last night...just look at them and make up your own captions for now.