Tuesday, May 27, 2008

in Detroit...need to poop.

So i'm back in Detroit for a few weeks. I really needed a break from work, and just in time too. Although i guess it's not really a vacation...seeing how the office set me up with a folder of designs i need to get done and sent back to them by the end of next week. oh well, atleast i dont' have to actually be at the office, but i wouldn't say being back in detroit is any better. The one good thing i'd say is that i get to see my Desiree and family again. which is really nice.

Anyways, last week was the opening of "One to Grow On" show, the opening was great. there was a really big turn out and huge thanks to Metro Mix and Smashed Chair for covering the event. here's a link to a little blurb smashed chair did on the event, including a few interviews on some of the attending artists http://www.smashedchair.com/interviews/one_to_grow_on/1988.html

also here are a few new works from the show

Title: "Young with No Responsibilities"
Medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 30" x 24"

Title: "ROFLMAO!"
Medium: acrylic on paper
size: 7"x5"

Title: "WTF!?...WHAT IT IS!?"
Medium: acrylic on paper
size: 7"x5"

Title: "OMG!!...What the Time Is At!?"
medium: acrylic on paper
size: 5"x7"

So in addition to this show, here's an upcoming show that's paying tribute Indiana Jones. Here's the piece i did for it:

Title: "Indiana Jones and the Hatred of Pants"
Medium: acrylic on paper
size: 5"x8"

so lately i've been painting more on paper in small sizes...and i think...

ok damnit...i can't finish this blog right now...i'm sitting in Panera Bread right now leaching on their free wi-fi...but i have 4 kids crying in my ear right now and i'm about to punch all of them in the back of the head. now i don't mind kids, i actually like kids. but when their crying is motivated by absolutely NOTHING...


you know, i don't know what it is about parents these days, but you guys need to take some time out of your busy day to sit down with your kids and hit them. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!? it'll take like 5 seconds! my mom used to beat the shit out of me and my brother when we were kids. i turned out all right. pbbsssssh...bunch of sissy parents these days, i tell ya.

ok i need to get out of here, i'll post something else later.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


this is awesome! magic powder that you sprinkle on your missing body parts will regrow your EXISTENCE!!

so that was mad cool...in other subjects since i'm posting a blog apparently, is there anybody that wants to join Netflix? if you do let me know! netflix set up this deal that if pre-existing members get other non-members to join, you can get a whole month for FREE!!! my reward is that i get an extra dvd per month :) let me know if anybody wants to join! first come first serve

by the way, while i'm talking about netflix...damnit. IT'S SO AWESOME!! i don't know why i didn't join way long time ago. they got this "instant watch" thing included with most plans that allows you to watch movies and tv shows streaming online on your PC. and the quality is the TITS! on top of that ive been renting so many freaking movies its retarded. luckily i have a job where i can pop in 4 movies a day while i work, so again...THE TITS!! but even if i quit my job tomorrow, i'd be at home watching movies all ding dong day. TITS!!! ok well i'm done advertising for netflix...but..i love it so much...

SERIOUSLY!! if you're not a member already...YOU MUST JOIN!! also it'll make your penis grow larger and/or your boobs bigger and firmer.