Thursday, February 08, 2007


i just had the weirdest dream! i had a dream that i was Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future and i was trapped in the year 1985 with Doc Brown. we came across our old selves from when the future got switched around in Back to the Future II but we didn't stop to say hello. WHY WOULDN'T WE STOP TO SAY HELLO!?! MAYBE WE COULD HAVE HELPED OURSELVES OUT!! stupid laws of temporal dislocation. anyways, so we then had to hide out in this old garage and live in the backseat of the Delorean eating cereal and tootpaste. but then while we were telling ghost stories someone started pounding on the garage walls. BAAAAAM!!! IN BUSTED THE TERMINATOR!! ARNOLD WAS TOTALLY GOING TO DESTROY US! HE STARTED CHASING ME AROUND THE GARAGE WITH A BASEBALL BAT AND A CUP FULL OF PUDDING AND THEN HE FINALLY CAUGHT ME! WAAAAAUGH!! "DONUT MOVE!!" he said right as he slammed me into the floor.
then that liquid metal guy showed up and tried to kill both of us. and Doc was still in the Delorean eating toothpaste and using MY TOOTHBRUSH!! i was so going to kill him. THAT'S JUST GROSS!! but lucky it was just one of those cheap travel toothbrushes that you get from any hotel if you forgot your own. i like getting free stuff like that when i travel..BUT ANYWAYS THE next thing i know i'm getting shot at by one of those big ass chain guns and Terminator's taking all the bullets in his back while he's eating his pudding. Then he gains spiderman powers all of a sudden and jumps into this big theater where they were holding American Idol auditions. i ran up to the stage to tell everybody to get out but then instead i just started to sing Money Maker by Ludacris and they all hated it. so then they started throwing lizards at me. WHO GETS LIZARDS TO THROW!?

but that's when i woke up...and i haven't been able to get Money Maker out of my head since then. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE LUDACRIS!!


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