Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Prints Available!

"Ultra Nipple Twist!"
5 color hand-pulled serigraph signed and numbered on medium stock fine art paper.
These prints have all been hand-pulled by The Chung, which makes each one ultra special and unique!So hurry up and get your print today, they won't last long!

Edition of 120.
Size: 17.5"x13.5"

All prints are shipped flat via USPS priority mail.

$45.00 USD
+$9.95 S&H

AND!! because while i was going through my suitcase, i found a folder of old sketches on a bunch of loose as a fun little treat I am going to be slipping a signed sketch into every TENTH print that is sold online! could it be you? WHO THE HELL KNOWS!! JUST BUY A PRINT!!

And after you're done buying a print check out Guillotine's website, they did a studio visit with me. so get a better glimpse into where i work by clicking here:

In other news, i've been helping out on and off part time at Gallery 1988 and today when i went on a supply run down at Staples on Sunset blvd in Hollywood, i was totally standing in line right behind J.K. Simmons dressed in shorts and an old comfy looking T-shirt while he was with his wife and two kids...atleast i thought they were his. The dude is huge by the way. He looked way bigger in real life than on the screen. well, i mean i know when he's on the screen he's like 30 ft. tall, but i mean he was tall in real life! and pretty built, i wouldn't want to get in his way. He was totally in a hand cast though, so he probably just got done whomping on some jerkass, i didn't want to be next so i didn't say anything, make eye contact or make any sudden moves. Although i guess it's no big deal to regular hollywooders to see movie stars like that daily, i still thought it was cool. Then out in the parking lot i see him drive off in a really modest looking minivan. it was really nice to see. He kind of reminded me of my Uncle Bill Scripture in some ways. A loving family man who could kill you in a second if you messed with him.