Monday, March 31, 2008


so i thought last month was busy...i just spent the entire month living in the office of Fantasy Prone trying to get these designs done and out the door for an upcoming episode of Spaceballs. i think i've slept at home a total of 4 times last month. it was a pretty sweet deal though. they gave me and my buddy Jesse Aronson an entire episode to design. i'll let you all know when it comes out, i can't show you any of the designs right now, due to contractual agreements, but keep an eye out. it's all The Chung-ed out.

but anyways, tomorrow (april 1st), is the Hotwheels, Mattel sponosored show at G1999. so you gotta go check it out. a select few artists (myself included) got handed these pretty sweet VW vans to customize. check out G1988's blog to see the results some people have been doing so far

so when it came down to making my toy...i really wanted it to be a toy. i wanted it to be something that people would PLAY with and not be afraid to fondle. so, i made my van into a silicone chode tickler. packed with flashy lights and a massive ground shaking dildo embedded into the mold. YEAAARGH!!! DIIIIILLLDOOOOOOOOOS!!!

THE MOLD...this is with the mini dildo for my test mold (not pictured) but the dildos inside the other final molds are 3 times as big and will shake the feces out of your intestines just by holding it in the palm of your hand!
the final mold. JELLY!!
I have a video of these guys...i'll have to put it up when i get the chance, but they vibrated so much they started moving on their own. it was pretty fucking sweet.

The Tickle bus

yeah so there you have it. i finally got to make my ticklers. next i'm going to make the entire tickle police cast soon to be sold on my website for all you lonely ladies out there.

well, come to the show tomorrow night. i'll be there. get tickled.

p.s. my mom thinks i'm a pervert.
p.p.s. my future mother in law thinks i'm a pervert too.
p.p.p.s. the lady who sold the dildos to me thought i was a pervert too. until i told her these weren't meant for penetration. then she thought i worked for the circus. When the lady at the sex shop says that you're asking a lot of weird questions about dildos and know you've done your job correctly.