Sunday, October 26, 2008

absent from the internet

thanks to the few of you have been calling me up lately just to make sure that i'm still painting and alive. thanks for your concern...
well, just to let everybody know what's been up, i've been taking a break from the art life and just focusing on my full time job. but don't worry, that's about to change, the vacation is over and i'll be getting back into things soon enough, way too many shows coming up and not much time to get them done.
but things have still been hell for me, last month i slipped a disk moving some furtniture which has left me spending the majority of my time laying on my back on the floor. i haven't had this happen to me since i was 16 when i got flipped off the back of a 4-wheeler...luckily a pile of sharp rocks broke my fall. anyways, this whole back pain issue has just been another excuse for me to not stay on the computer for long as i already spend 9 hours a day in front of computer at work, when i get home, i like to spend it laying down.

so enough of my bitching and moaning, here's some works that you might not have seen.

Also, here's a cake i made for our office potluck.

it's supposed to look like this:

you can find out what the hell a Blumaroo is at back is about to destroy itself now, so i gotta go lay on the floor now.