Tuesday, July 29, 2008

comicon 2008 and July news.

WAAAAAOOOOOOOAAAAGGH!!damn this year's comicon was intense. i missed last years, but this year cardboard spaceship got me an exhibitor's pass just as long as i promised them to do a signing with my wiener. i wasn't going to say no.

My journey started on Friday, i drove down to San Diego (don't worry, this entry is whale's vagina joke free) to attend the Yoka panda show, over at Subtext Gallery. here's the panda that i did for the show.

(too lazy to post anymore about the opening)

So after the show Chris Ryniak was kind enough to let me crash at his hotel down at the sheridan. it was fine up until he started telling me to hold him closer. then it got REALLY awkward. I mean, spooning is really physically awkward to begin with, so...whatever.
we decided to leave a nice little present for the next occupants to discover on their own.

So anyways, the next morning was an all you can eat assloads of breakfast buffet.

Then it was off to the comicon...i unfortunately didn't take that many pictures. but i mean c'mon, it's really the stories you want right? you can find pictures of comicon everywhere else. they're all of the same thing anyways.

Mr. Roboto

Jabba the Gentle Giant

old guy in iron lung suit.

Now compared to Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Murhpy, who went around taking epic photos of people's asses, crotches and boobs...my pictures are boring.

I do however wish i had a video of Mark telling his tale of epic proportions. I could never tell it the way that he told it, but this is essentially how he described what happened to him Saturday morning at 8:30 AM while trying to set up his booth. Apparently one of the guards was having a power trip and being a douche AT THE SAME TIME and wouldn't let him in with his cart piled with boxes and boxes of hard cover Murphy Design books of pure awesomeness unless he carried them in one at a time. after arguing for a period of time mark decided to just move his cart to the side of the entrance and resolve the matter with the manager. while attempting to do so, the guard stops the cart with his foot causing all the books to fly off and spill all over the floor. To which at this point during his story, mark tells us in the most calm and collected voice i've ever heard anybody use before with the slightest hint of a smirk on his face, "...and man, i just lost it, so i slammed my palms into his chest and floored the guy. i'm crazy. i'll kill a bitch..." it was scary.
then at that point he said the vice president of comicon came over and told him that they made a mistake and then made all the gaurds apologize to him. Now even through mark's always cool and chill exterior, especially how he told us that story, i'm pretty sure he didn't just push that security guard to the ground. i think he flat out murdered him. Indiana Jones: Moloram style.
So anyways, after walking around and doing my signing and whatever other exhausting things we did, it was off to Mark's house for some beans and booze.

this is Mark.

Jennifer with Shannon, Jeff Soto, and Maxx242

Joel Nakamura and Esther Pearl Watson against the leaning wall.

Chris Ryniak, Yves LaRoche, Brandt Peters, and Kathie Olivas talking about fisting and fondling.

Kristian Olson...

...getting his ass eaten by his wife Debbie

Mark Todd Sketching...


Travis Louie listening to Brandt's story

...but not really.

all the poop someone took on Mark's floor.

everyone getting yelled at for it.

...even though it was really all of Esther's crap.

then the night ended with many many many shots of tequila.

Thanks for the great party Mark! I left you a secret message in your sketch book!

(photo courtesy of Jeff Soto)

ok, so then after San Diego, it was off to Vegas for 3 days to meet up with Desiree who had a business conference meeting thing for work. She got to stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel, all expenses paid for by the company. the room was huge and i was totally rockin' on her corporate dime. it was completely awesome. while she was off going to meeting after meeting and basically working for 8 hours a day, i was ordering movies on the 50" plasma screen tv mounted on the wall, jumping on the two king sized beds in the room, swimming in the giant pool with built in wave generator, going around the lazy river enough times in a row until i threw up, winning at black jack for hours at a time and getting free drinks, then going back to the room to take a nap in a giant bath tub filled with champagne.
But that's not even the half of it! when Desiree got back to the room, that's when the fun started! hehe hahaaha HAHAHA!! MAN!! I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU HALF THE THINGS WE DID!!...well, actually now that i think about it, i can, because by the time she got back i was too exhausted to do anything because of all the excitement i had on my own. but it was still awesome!
This classic sketch from Chappelle Show comes to mind.

The last night were were there, we were so close to just saying "fuckit" and getting married. but her family would kill her and we'd have to start paying more in taxes and i'd rather not. but all in all, Vegas was completely awesome.

ok, now one last thing before i go...i quit my old job and got offered a position at MTV Networks for Neopets. i started a week ago. Now not only am i getting paid on time, i'm getting paid @#& as much as my old salary! but the pay isn't what makes this the best job ever...it's EVERYTHING that makes this the best job ever! plus, i've never met nicer people while starting at a new company ever before. i plan on staying with this company for years. Plus my old buddy Abe who i used to work with at my former place of employment started working the same day i started which was a nice little bonus. We still can't stop high fiving each other for landing such an awesome job. on top of that, long time blogger friend Dee C.K. had been working there for a month before me, with out me even knowing! life right now is awesome....the only thing that would make life more awesome right now is if Desiree would move out to LA with me already and we had a dog.

a french bull dog.

named roger.


Blogger shaunna said...

Aaah Chung, you never dissapoint. Hey, I LOVE your panda toy! That kicks perfect ass! Loved all the pics, too... wish I could have met you guys there!

6:16 PM  
Blogger *daisy said...

Hey Dave!! Great meeting you at lunch today- awesome stuff!! Love your paintings- can't wait to see your pieces at the 8-bit and cult shows!! :D *daisy

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