Wednesday, April 23, 2008


really quick post right now, but only because i have nobody else to talk to at this hour and my brain is about to blast diarrhea all over my skull bones if i don't get this out. AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO GET OUT!! but i just spent the past 2 hours trying to do the math on seeing how much my work owes me since the beginning of 2008...and, well. IT'S A LOT! BALLS! TITS!! HAIRY PATCHES OF GENITALS!!
i think i'm more pissed right now because that was 2 hours i could have spent painting and instead i had to do math. I HATE MATH! on top of doing math, my pants got snagged on my chair when i got up to retrieve a print out of my invoice and i slammed myself into the floor. Luckily my elbow broke my fall on the corner of the table. unfortunately i spit out my last piece of chewing gum. DAMN you want to talk about unfortunate though?! a few night ago as i was getting ready for bed, i changed out of my pants, and thinking that i was going to be wearing the same pair of pants the next morning, i left the belt with the really heavy belt buckle in them to save time. So as i went to throw my pants over my hands in an attempt to fold them while walking towards my closet, the belt buckle swings under and UP into my testiclytes. i couldn't tell you how fast i hit the floor and curled up into myself. i hadn't been hit in the balls since i was a kid. i forgot how horrible it is. my muscles clenched themselves so hard from the pain i just about pooped and threw up at the same time.

and Speaking of things that happen in my apartment, i just got myself a room mate; a friend from Detroit, Shaunna. She actually used to be Desiree's old room mate. anyways she just moved out to LA, so i said she can pay for half the rent and live in the other half of the place. i got a big 1 1/2 room apartment so it hasn't been much of a change since she moved in. Honestly though, so far she's been one of the best room mates i've ever had. She cleans up after herself, is quiet, plus we both work so much we're either out at work while the other is at home or if we're both home we're in our own separate rooms working. so i have absolutely no complaints.
Although i do generally keep my door closed when i'm in my room, i've been doing it more since she moved in. Mainly just out of courtesy. you don't want to know what goes on half the time behind these doors. However sometimes the truth might be less shocking than what it seems. Late last night i was priming 3 canvases at a time with some brown house paints, i'm a clumsy person so not surprisingly i got gobs and goops of brown paint all over my hands and knees. Trying not to get paint all over my door knob to leave and wash up, i grabbed a wad of toilet paper to wipe myself with and to cover the door knob...well, let's just say that if you saw me coming out of my room looking the way i did, you'd jump to conclusions too. psshh whatever.

man i think i'm talking more than i should right now. but oh yeah! TODAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY APPARENTLY! i got to work this morning and the crew hands me a card and a bag filled with candy and toys from the dollar store. it was pretty damn awesome! i swear if it weren't for the people i work with, i'd have no trouble leaving that place.
ok well i've bored enough people for now, so i think i'm going to go take a shower then eat some candy. but before i go, here's a rough sketch of what i'll be painting next:

hey you know what...i also feel a lot better than when i started writing this stupid entry. thank you internet for letting me urinate brain juices all over your blank public breasts.