Wednesday, October 18, 2006

well, i'm back...

ok everybodies i'm back from my trip. HELLO!! well, i've been back for almost a week now, but i've been so busy trying to catch up with work it's been killing me. KILLING ME!!

oh yeah, for those of you who didn't know where i was at, i've been in portland attending the "It's all wood show" and then LA for the "Everybody's Mad Here" show. you can check out the photos for them here:

I also have a ton of photos to post up of the trip and stories to tell. but that'll have to wait til later. I'm kind of busy now. i might be moving very soon...either out of downtown detroit into a neighboring town, or out of michigan depending on how i did on some interviews i had while out in California.
also preparing for shows and currently trying to work out some test illustrations for a game company, all on top of teaching, and running the office at the Highway Press while my boss is out on vacation, and getting the new The Chung t-shirts out on production (hopefully they'll be ready and for sale by the end of december...but that is looking very doubtful right now.) also possibly a very limited giclee print is soon to come. depending on the way things work out.

so yes i am very overwhelmed right now. NO TIME FOR LOVE DR. JONES!!

But i AM back and i just wanted to say thanks to Ryan Bubnis for letting us party it up with him at his fantabulous house. and for Robert Hardgrave for being totally awesome for driving down to portland in shit traffic just to have some soup with us at the Doug Fir. and for Jensen at Gallery 1988 for being a supercool guy

so until i post stories...i leave you with an image of my mentor: