Sunday, November 16, 2008


here is the completed piece for Mark Murhpy's show at Art Basel

title: "A Cupcake Monster is STILL A Monster"
size: 10" x 10"
medium: acrylic on canvas

here's a quick post while i'm laying on the floor.

this is an nigh completed painting i'm doing for Mark Murhpy's show at Art Basel this year. i'll probably be able to finish it today to ship out tomorrow...praying that my Bayer kicks in soon. seeing how i'm now taking 6-8 tablets at a time, i'm surprised that my liver hasn't jumped out of my body yet and attempted to stab me in the head.

speaking of Bayer, this has pretty much been my diet for the past month and a half...what with 2 for $1 apple pies at Macdonald's, all the cake and candy they've been feeding us at the office, the Costco quantity Redbull and Bayer packs, and making sure i don't smell as bad because i've been sacrificing 15 minutes of shower time to pack in either 15 more minutes of sleep or work...i forget where i was going with this... but i'm also losing all feeling in my spine and right that's a good sign.
here are some pictures of my cubicle at work.


Blogger shaunna said...

the work cubicle is quite inspiring.

Shouldn't you probably see someone about your back, there, Hoss?

The painting for Basel looks fab!

Mend soon, Brutha~

5:39 PM  
Blogger the chung said...

thanks! yes i probably should go see a doctor but i have no health insurance yet and i can't really afford it.

no worries though, i've slipped a disc before when i was a teen, i'll get better. i already went to some accupuncture, which helped a bit, but got too expensive so i quit. the floor is my doctor now.

OH YEAH! and sorry i never responded to your email..but i got your painting. instead packing and shipping, you wanna meet up somewhere in between for a meal or something for our little transaction?

6:35 PM  
Blogger Dee C.K. said...

YEY Cupcake monster! Luv it!
I like your desk too, feels so inviting....must be why we always linger around you when your trying to work....@_@
Also, happy to hear the heat pad is helping a bit. ;) It was either that or hire a Sumo to shape you back into place. Good choice!
later mater....

9:51 PM  
Blogger the chung said...

aw thanks Dee. yeah that heat pad was a great idea, thanks :)


12:09 AM  
Blogger Jessica Grimshaw said...

Awesome image. Makes me feel like cupcakes...cutsy intestine cupcakes of course! Always great to see your new work. Can't wait til your next LA gallery show.

4:31 PM  
Blogger bazooka radio said...

There's a drug you can get called ROBAX PLATINUM it's got the wooden drawing dude on the front with pins in him. It's EFFING GREAT. If you take 2 you get a little woozy stoned for awhile and all muscle pain seems to drift away. if you repeat it seems to work pretty good.
I used to get wicked nasty back/neck pain at my cubicle job and it worked for me.

Good luck Capt. Cool.

4:35 PM  

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