Tuesday, May 27, 2008

in Detroit...need to poop.

So i'm back in Detroit for a few weeks. I really needed a break from work, and just in time too. Although i guess it's not really a vacation...seeing how the office set me up with a folder of designs i need to get done and sent back to them by the end of next week. oh well, atleast i dont' have to actually be at the office, but i wouldn't say being back in detroit is any better. The one good thing i'd say is that i get to see my Desiree and family again. which is really nice.

Anyways, last week was the opening of "One to Grow On" show, the opening was great. there was a really big turn out and huge thanks to Metro Mix and Smashed Chair for covering the event. here's a link to a little blurb smashed chair did on the event, including a few interviews on some of the attending artists http://www.smashedchair.com/interviews/one_to_grow_on/1988.html

also here are a few new works from the show

Title: "Young with No Responsibilities"
Medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 30" x 24"

Title: "ROFLMAO!"
Medium: acrylic on paper
size: 7"x5"

Title: "WTF!?...WHAT IT IS!?"
Medium: acrylic on paper
size: 7"x5"

Title: "OMG!!...What the Time Is At!?"
medium: acrylic on paper
size: 5"x7"

So in addition to this show, here's an upcoming show that's paying tribute Indiana Jones. Here's the piece i did for it:

Title: "Indiana Jones and the Hatred of Pants"
Medium: acrylic on paper
size: 5"x8"

so lately i've been painting more on paper in small sizes...and i think...

ok damnit...i can't finish this blog right now...i'm sitting in Panera Bread right now leaching on their free wi-fi...but i have 4 kids crying in my ear right now and i'm about to punch all of them in the back of the head. now i don't mind kids, i actually like kids. but when their crying is motivated by absolutely NOTHING...


you know, i don't know what it is about parents these days, but you guys need to take some time out of your busy day to sit down with your kids and hit them. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!? it'll take like 5 seconds! my mom used to beat the shit out of me and my brother when we were kids. i turned out all right. pbbsssssh...bunch of sissy parents these days, i tell ya.

ok i need to get out of here, i'll post something else later.


Blogger shaunna said...

I can see you're going to be an excellent father one of these days! :D
Awesome art as always!

2:47 AM  

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