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Soto, Ryniak, Chung (LA RAMPAGE!) - Chung POV

Sorry everybody, but this is going to be an ass packed blog filled with magical photos and stories that revolves around a 3 day adventure about THREE DEMON KILLING HEROES FROM HELL'S ASS!! CHRIS RYNIAK! JEFF SOTO! AND THE CHUNG!!

(aka: Grandma Ovary Bitch Slapper IV)
enters Los Angeles

Chris flew into town to set up for his show with Scion. So he was going to be in town for awhile. I thought i'd pick his ass up from the airport and drive him around town just as long as he gave road head...we'll get to that later. it was good. Here's the flyer for the upcoming show

After picking him up from the airport we headed to the hotel that him and all the rest of the artists were staying at. Scion apparently paid for everything and put them up in a nice ass haunted hotel: the Culver Hotel. which is FOR SURE to have some kick ass dead hookers!!

Chris Ryniak after hearing that the hooker we were about to purchase is missing her legs....and is really actually a dude.


After defeating the hooker, we ended up driving down to the Scion Space so Chris could set up his show. The space is mad nice. apparently it was where my brother's old job used to be. it was kind of funny to see, however nobody else cared. but the space is huge, it was like an airplane hanger.

Chris showing off his work. mad cool!

even monsters need to get crunked

Ronald Kurniawan's work.
this dude's work is so crazy good. He has so much highly rendered details in his paintings, especially this huge one, that you feel like you're in them.

These are some of his Lightning Bolts in a Jar. Check out the kick ass labels he made for them.

So after i hung out at the Scion Space for a few hours, I left Chris there to do his shit and headed home to go to the opening of the Kwik-E-Mart with my brother and his fiancee.

tee hee i am doing a funny pose in front of a picture taking camera. how wonderful

A brand new shipment of Krusty-O's and Buzz Cola were devilvered in a truck disguised as a roofing company. I guess they didn't want to advertise what was inside so that it wouldn't get car jacked by some die hard fans.

My brother (chris) and i ate so many bowls of Krusty-O's and drank so many Squishees we ended up overdosing on sugar and passing out.

(aka: 4TH OF JULY)

So after waking up with a sugar hangover, Ryniak calls me up and suggests we harrass some sea creatures at the Long Beach Aquarium. I decided not to wear underwear for maximum efficiency in pressing ham.

a seal swimming by to critique my style in pressed ham. The asshole only gave me a 4

well, this shark though i had a nice ass

then there was this little fish...

...who ended up telling all his fish buddies to check out my ass. I ended up scoring a 10. FUCKYEA!

Chris at a hand washing station, pissed, because I tricked him into touching a "Sea Cucumber". he should have known better though, it was in the men's room for crying out loud. homo.

After the aquarium, Burritos and Beer were dancing in our heads, so we headed to Tequila Jacks to satisfy our stomachs.

We even ordered table side "MAKE OUR FUCKING GUACAMOLE NOW BITCH!" for an appetizer. it was the best damn guacamole i have ever had! i think. i don't really know as i don't eat a whole lot of guacamole. but it was good.

apparently Chris thought so too

After falling into a food coma, we decided we both didn't have enough diseases, so we drove to Venice Beach.
We ended up finding a nice pair of legs to give to the legless hooker back at the hotel.

these guys were doing "Roller-Skating TaeBo" i bet you every single person in this photo is a Tranny. also...if you zoom in, the "chick" on the far right is tucking something very suspicious between her butt cheeks.

Venice Beach was definitely worth seeing. it was much like the circus. We ended up just walking around for awhile until the beer hit our bladders, and finding a decent toilet suddenly became life threatening. We ended up waiting in a line full of people doing the pee-pee dance until we were at the front waiting to get into a stall that had been occupied for over 20 minutes. I finally had to throw some pennies under the stall and pound on the door telling the inconsiderate toilet patron to hurry the fuck up. She finally came out of there all wet looking like she had just taken a shower. Either that or she just dropped a major deuce and got covered in back splash. uugh gross.
After that, we agreed that enough was enough and drove home.

and his homie John takes us out Tranny Hunting.

Jeff and John came rolling by the hotel to pick us up around 10:30am in Jennifer's car (who was nice enough to let Jeff use it to take us out. Thanks Jennifer!!)

The first spot we tried to hit was the Billy Shire Fine Art Gallery to see Tim Biskup's new show. Unfortunately the place was still locked when we got there, so we decided to go to the Scion Space to see what more the crew had put together, but that was locked and closed too. Doesn't anybody wake up before noon in this town!?
Chris and Jeff on the phone outside of the Scion Space calling up Gary Baseman to see if we can swing by for a studio visit.

SUCCESS!! Jeff and Chris outside of Gary's studio.

it was really cool to see how Gary works. he's got all these drawings on tracing paper taped up on his wall while working on a million paintings at once. out of respect for Gary and BSFA gallery, i won't post too much up of what he was working on.

but here's a picture of Jeff talking about feelin on some booty while John smells the other end.

Gary telling us about his show

It was awesome of Gary to let us visit him and get a quick tour of his studio, even though he had a butt load of work to do and was still in his pajamas. Shortly after, we all felt it was best to leave him to his work and head off to the next location on our itinerary.
These really cool Kangaroo Paw plants were outside Gary's yard, i had to take a picture of them. I've never seen them before, i just thought they were the coolest.

The next stop was Gallery 1988! Home of "I AM 8-Bit". 2 weekends ago, gallery owner, Jensen Karp took me to a gelato place called "Scoops" where i had the best damn gelato. EVER. let me give you a quick synapsis of the place. Run by a single Asian man who is a proclaimed food chemist, creates 15 new flavors every day made from the oddest ingredients. Creating flavors such as Avacodo and Bannana, Bacon and Cheddar, Rainbows and Happiness, etc. This was definitely a spot to go to, and Jensen agreed to take all of us there.
Waiting in the back alley of G1988 for Jensen to come back from walking his dog

Chris showing Jeff his impression of a sexy tiger. Jeff however reminding Chris that he doesn't eat meat and should cease flirting with him.
Jensen comes back with Benjamin, the Bug.

Ben's know you want it.

Inside G1988 to see the show that's still up "Packed and Loaded". very cool work! you guys should go check it out while you still can before they take it down.

Jensen Karp...CAUGHT!

Standing around talking about art. pbssssh. LIKE WE CARE!

on our way to get the infamous gelato, we see random acts of vandalism.


"dude i don't know what happened!? this guy never closes! don't break my legs...please?" - Jensen

So "Scoops" was closed and we didn't get our gelato. It's cool though Jensen, this shit happens. even though it was just a non stop bitchfest of, "way to go Chung! yeah, 'let's go eat some gelato'. THAT'S THE LAST TIME WE'RE LISTENING TO CHUNG!!" ...sigh. gelato.
Anyways, we then ended up driving to La Luz de Jesus for some porno mags. Jeff ended up walking away with an armful of books.

here's a sneak peak of the show they were setting up for that night, "Sweet Spot". a solo show featuring Daniel Peacock. too bad we couldn't make the opening but this dude's work is amazing.

Jeff's pretending to be an elephant

After La Luz and several hundred dollars, we drove down to Thinkspace Gallery to check out the Artdorks show.
Ryniak and Soto: Walking on Sunshine

"dude, just smell my finger"

Jeff putting up one of his stickers

"Pbsssh, you see that shit, fuckin' pie!"

Next we drove to the Merry Karnowsky Gallery to see the 10 year anniversary show. There were so many amazing works up! It's always nice to see this stuff in person than just online!

Todd Schorr

Junko Mizuno

Jim Houser

Next stop was the New Image Art Gallery where a group show , "Brodeo" had some amazing artists . To name a few of the artists, there were the Date Farmers, Dave Ellis, Eric White, Kelsey Brookes. This space is amazing! It had the feel of being able to grant artists to do whatever they can dream of doing here. very cool.

For lunch we initially wanted to go to GR Eats, but for some reason they close between lunch and dinner. It seems like everything was closed for us that day! oh well, perhaps next time. Instead we ended up going to "Hurry Curry" to have some mind fuckingly good curry!


"fucking gross dude"

"Do you think i should wash my hands?"

Full, happy, and ready to die. Thanks for lunch, Jeff!!

Walked a few hundred feet over to Giant Robot.

Jeff taking a photo of one of his toys.

Soto, Ryniak, and Chung drawing in the GR sketchbook. we request that you do not steal this page.

Ryniak buying shwag at GR2

Okay, so by now, it's around 5:30...and all galleries close within half an hour. we haul ass down to BFSA again to see if it's open. it wasn't. but someone was there to let us in after pounding on the door and screaming to let us in, "there are zombies are outside!"
This is perhaps some of my more favorite of Tim's work. I've never been so struck with so much emotion behind a body of work before. It was really powerful. you can really see that he's going through some major shit in his life, you kind of felt like crying. but at the same time you're like, "THIS IS SOME AWESOME SHIT!! I'M GLAD HIS LIFE SUCKS RIGHT NOW! BECAUSE LOOK AT WHAT IT PRODUCED!!" then you feel bad for thinking that, and you want to cry again because you're an asshole and nobody loves you. Either way, Tim's work is bad to the ass and i always enjoy looking at it.

Next stop we headed on over to The Lab to check out the "AAA" show. featuring Andy Jenkins, Andrew Pommier, and Andy Mueller. Three Andy's...therefore "AAA". it had nothing to do with auto service. but definitely NOT a disappointment! I wish i could have made it to the opening.

Next we started to drive back to the Scion space to see the set up of the show...which i need to leave for in 5 minutes if i want to make the opening. but check out the trunk of Jeff's car. Those are all the books he bought that day. He should just buy a shelving unit for that car.

Esao Andrews painting his wall installation. This dude is such an amazing artist! His paintings always has me thinking that "THIS" is what you do after you die, have an eerie fucking good time! Big fan!

ALL RIGHT!! well that was it! we all went home exhausted and happy. I've never been more inspired. the whole day felt like it was a weekends worth of event. IT WAS AWESOME!! we got to see some great art, some exotic trannys, the Man in his pajamas, the inside of a dogs ass, and all while hanging out with some bad ass homies.

you can check out Soto and Ryniak's POV on the day at their blogs:

Jeff Soto's Blog
Chris Ryniak's Blog

So did i bore you to death?? yes? well good. I need to stop blogging for awhile because i have to spend more time painting and less time typing. So i might not update for a few weeks, but before i leave, all of you need to attend the "Cult Movie" show that i'm in on July 17th. I'll have 2 pieces in the show and it's going to be filled with incredible artwork and some cult movie stars too :) so go to the opening and say hi to me. DO IT!!!


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My laptop took a shit so my photos are trapped inside it right now. Thankfully you guys backed me up.

Had a hell of a time man, it's going to be tough to top that anytime soon.

Keep it movin...

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JEEZUS! Livin' large and in charge.

What-- didn't feel like driving out to Nucleus, too? Lightweight.

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haha, we couldn't make it to Nucleus. we were following Uncle Soto's very well mapped out itinerary :)

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so rad going out with you guys (internet tour), what an exclusive post. Thanks!

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