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FIRST OF ALL check this shit out, fellow artist Attaboy just came out with his first animated cartoon called "Too Many Robots" which featured on cable last friday (i think on the disney channel) here's the link to see the video.
cool ass cartoon Atta! and remember to rate the video 5 stars after watching it too to perhaps vote it into a fullblown series!! DO IT!!

ok, now onto ME! because that's what this blog is all about, ME!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!

SO i finished that piece for the McCaig Welles gallery in NYC. well, i might go back into it and touch some stuff up later, but it's done for the most part. check it out!

title: Only Desiree and Banana Slug Know of the Secret Unlimited Corndog Giving Tree"
Medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 18" x 18"

and in other news, i just turned 25 this month...i never thought the day would come. according to my mother, i wasn't supposed to live past 25. well, i did it. EAT THAT MOM!! you and your crazy chinese prophecies can go PBBBBBFFFFFFFFFT!!!!
For those of you who don't know the story, my mom told me that i wouldn't live past 25 about 6 years ago, did i believe her? no. but the more and more shit that she kept telling me, the more and more i find that they come true as i progress into the future. i think my mom is some sort of a witch or Jedi master. Anyways, for the past 6 years i've been waiting for the day to come where i would just end up dead. Probably a good thing to live in fear, it definitely made me appreciate life more and work harder, i like to think that i've done okay for myself so far. but it became increasingly scary last year. i'd say last year was the scariest year of my life (so far). what was scary was that my mom warned me to watch myself that year (the year of the birth sign). According to her witchcraft, every year that falls on the year of your sign, you'll encounter a shit storm. A NON STOP SHIT STORM!!! that's what mom said anyways. at first i thought it was all a load of poo, but then i started having horrible health issues where my intestines ulcered causing me to bleed internally, chest pains that made my body go numb, a bacteria infection on my face broke out causing me to scab up and leak puss nonstop, a mole on my back that started changing shapes, and on top of all that, my skin started falling off on my legs and hip!! You have no idea how much work and school i missed last year because i was either at the doctors or scared to leave my home. it sucked the ass.

So after finally being approved for a health insurance that i could afford, the doctors told me to change my diet from fast food and Redbull to something healthy and not so stupid. And definitely get more sleep! Changing the diet was the hardest part, but after i got used to it the pain stopped and i stopped bleeding after pooping. IT WAS AWESOME!! I think the skin falling off was the scariest though. it was because of my bacteria infection, i thought i had contracted a bad case of the herpes, but after visiting a bunch of doctors, they just told me i had impetego (sp?) an infection that kids get all the time from being dirty. i guess i was dirty. but from that doctor visit they noticed a mole on my back that was weird and i had to get it removed. while i was waiting for the results of that to come through (it was negative), all the skin on me waist down started turning red and falling off and itching like mad. DAMNIT! YOU EVER SEE THAT MOVIE "THE FLY"!? THAT'S WHO I FELT LIKE!! I WAS SETH BRUNDLE WHILE HE WAS METAMORPHOSIZING INTO THE FLY AND HIS EAR FALLS OFF AND HE VOMITS ON A DONUT AND EATS IT...MAN! THAT SCENE WAS TOTALLY RAD!! THEN HE THROWS UP ON THAT GUY'S HAND AND IT MELTS OFF AND IT OOZES ONTO THE FLOOR LIKE "MEEWUAHGUGHGHG"!! what a cool movie. oh, anyways, after worrying my ass off i come to find out i've developed a "minor" case of psoriasis and i'm not turning into the fly nor do i have the herpes. RELIEF! later i find out my dad has had psoriosis for years too. thanks dad. jerk.
so why am i telling the world all my problems now? well i figured since i'm alive now and none of that actually killed me, why the hell not. it was embarrassing at the time to even mention it, but hey, it's all good now that i know i don't have the Fly syndrome.

In other news, my birthday was perhaps the best birthday i've ever had!! ULTRA low key, no party, nothing but me and Desiree going out for Ultimate Sushi and a movie. we went to see "Hot Fuzz" (best damn movie ever!! next to "Shaun of the Dead" of course) and then came home and baked a birthday cake! IT FUCKING RAWKED!!! CHECK OUT MY MONSTER OF A CAKE FOR DAVID DAY!!



so, i had fun. the only thing that probably would have made it more fun was if Spiderman showed up and did a backflip web flinging thing out my window.
that would have been awesome.

all right, well i'm off to get some more painting done. i lost about a days worth of work yesterday from a massive coffee overdose. while driving home from work i ejected vomit out my window only to have to pull over on the side of the on ramp to 8 mile from I-75 so i could fill up my precious grocery bag filled with receipts and chewing gum with more bile and coffee. then i went home and cried in the bathtub for 8 hours.

Reviewing what i had just written in this post, i am a disgusting human being. good lord, i wouldn't be surprised if i don't have any friends left after they read this, or even if i'm able to ever make any new friends again! hopefully the sun in Cali will do me good. dang.


Blogger Dee C.K. said...

wow! Your so graphic.....;)
HEY HAppy Birthday!
The new painting is soooo cute!
I love it!! ;)
I lo<3e corndogs!!!There not painted enough! Later....oh and glad ur back from the brink of extinction...hehee

2:27 PM  
Blogger the chung said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:26 PM  
Blogger the chung said...


but anyways, thanks Dee!! yeah, i'm a lewd little man :)

and yes! corndogs rock my socks!! i used to eat corndogs everyday for lunch at my old school in Taiwan and i think the obsession came back after i stayed with my brother one week 6 years ago and that's all he fed me. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!
...damn, that sounded so incestuously gay...but i meant "corndogs" in its most literal meaning: a hot dog-type sandwich coated in cornbread batter and deep fried in hot oil served on a wooden stick.


7:33 PM  
Blogger shaunna said...

Well Damn Chung, after reading about all of your medical maladies, I'm pretty much never going to bitch about the discomfort of pregnancy again. Thanks for making my life feel great!
Happy B-day! See ya in Cali soon!

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three words.

PS2 Katmari Damacy

I can see you get lots of inspiration in that, hahaha.

11:58 AM  
Blogger shou' said...

OMG! A green cake. That looks freakingly delicious.

Btw nice pieces you have up here.

7:54 PM  

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