Thursday, June 14, 2007


so! the show at Thinkspace was a fucking blast! Lots of artwork got sold and everybody had a great time!

here's a group photo of all of us. i'm the one humping Robert Hardgrave's head. here's the line up from Back to Front, Left to Right: Scary Joey, Kim Scott, Kristian Olson, Aaron Nather, ME, Justin Degarmo, Robert Hardgrave, Jeremy Pruitt, John Casey, and Michael Slack?! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I SEE YOU THERE, MR. SLACK!? i'm pissed i didn't get to meet you.damnit. oh well.

anyways, click here to view more of the photos and shit from me and the other dorks:
Chung Flickr
Thinkmule Flickr
Kim Scott Flickr
John Casey

also, i just thought i'd share with you guys where my studio is...

ok well now i have to go, paint..with my toothbrush. so i'll post more later.



Blogger Dee C.K. said...

YEY!!!! Welcome to CA!! Love your new don't have to go very far to clean your brushes...just don't forget to flush..hahaaa...nah I kid, I kid....
Yea, we'll do lunch or sumtin hollywood like that. me when u get a chance.

1:39 AM  
Blogger CMR said...

Do I get a tour of your studio wne I'm out there?


1:14 PM  

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