Tuesday, June 05, 2007


HEY!! so i made it! i am no longer a Detroit resident. i am now unofficially a resident of the Los Angeles community...well i still have to get my new liscense and register and all that crap here, but i'm basically a resident..living in my brother's apartment. illegally. with no spare key to get into the apartment. and i have to park 3 blocks away from the building. but yeah, i'm basically a resident. DAMNIT!!! BUT big thanks to my brother and his fiancee for letting me stay with them until i get on my own feet. you guys been awesome! i'll buy you fancy gifts later.
anyways it feels pretty good. so far since i've been here i've received several warm welcomes from the art community out in the west coast, and it's been great! but due to the move and my computer VOMITING HWUAAAAGH!!! ALL OVER ON ITSELF BEFORE LEAVING DETROIT, here's what you guys have to deal with:

i lost a lot of my data involving emails and my mailing list from 5/01/07 to Present. so if there were a bunch of you who feel like you want to be on the mailing list again, please email me and i'll put you back in there. sorry for the inconvenience! GAAAAAAAWGH!! I SAID I WAS SORRY!!! SHUT UP!!!

but here's a quick update on what's going down this month...

first check out the feature that the Art Dorks had in the premier issue of New Angeles Monthly magazine. it's the Bees Knees!!

they also asked me to do an interview for them, so if you want to read that here's the link: http://artdorks.com/new-angeles/chung/

Then on the 8th of this month the Art Dorks are having our first coast to coast show out of two in LA at the Thinkspace Gallery the film crew from vimby.com will be there shooting a segment about us. and i think vinylpulse and juxtapoz online will be having some features on us this week also. so check it out!!!

Also, if you're on the east coast, in NYC June 15th the McCaig Welles Gallery is having the second Art Dorks show, "Art Dorks Squared". go check it out as well, it should be a blast. A BLAST I SAY!! SHHHBEEEAW!!!

either way, go check out both shows, half the ADC will be at both shows signing shit and donkey punching. KAPOW!! PPPBTTTHH!!!

Then on the Upper West Coast in Gallery 1988 San Fransisco location i have a piece in their upcoming group show "Back For Seconds" opening June 29th. so go check that out too, it'll be so awesome you'll have butt-pee for a month!!

Also, coming soon for sale by the end of this month, 5 color Hand Pulled (by THE CHUNG!!) Serigraphs are going to be for sale! the edition is of 120, so get them while they last! each one is signed and numbered.

title: "Ultra Nipple Twist!"
size: 18" x 14"

ink and paper supplied by my old work place The Highway Press in Detroit. if you're ever wanting to get silk screening done go there, they do some quality shit. These prints here however i pulled (my first silk screening fine art print ever...so each one is pretty much one of a kind hah) anyways, they go on sale at the end of this month at www.thechung.com for $20 each (shipping and handling included).

ANOTHER THING!!...Brendan Danielson (Art Dorks creator) just got these awesome ADC shirt printed up. one of his design and one of mine. go buy one of each!!

Chung Design

Danielson Design

ok, well i think that's all the news i have for now...i'll post more soon when i get more time...its now time for eating of the food.



Blogger CMR said...

Off to poison yeat another town.

Good luck.

4:01 PM  
Blogger shaunna said...

Welcome Chung!!!! Have a great opening tonight! I have a few issues goin on myself so I won't be there, but post pics if you take any! I also have that painting for you.... we need to hook up at some point, or give me the new mailing addy. Ciao Buster.

6:03 PM  

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