Monday, July 02, 2007

Cartoon Network Show

on Saturday, Cartoon Network hosted a silent auction within their building for a charity deal. Thanks to Chris Battle for tipping me off on the event, i was able to donate art for sale. it was a great show. lots of great animators and background paintes had donated work, many of which were originals from shows. I also got to meet a lot of very nice people! and coincidentally Kevin Staniec from ISM magazine was there taking photos of the event with his photographer. It was by a crazy coincidence that we met too. Apparently we've shot emails back and forth once or twice before about an upcoming show at Thinkspace and a book project that he's putting together, but had no idea what each other looked like. This lady Julia, who acted like my unofficial agent (very cool and nice lady) introduced me to Kevin and we were all like, oh you're so and so, this sounds really boring. anyways, it was funny. kind of. shut up. But in addition to being introduced to Kevin, Julia also introduced me to Zita Lefebvre, the Director of Operations for Cartoon Network, and the one responsible for curating and running the event. Although i didn't get to speak with Zita too much, she was ultra cool and nice to let me submit something to the show. so, THANKS ZITA!!

So i apparently sold my piece (the holographic "Ultra Nipple Twist!" piece: framed) to a guy who also donated $150,000 to the auction that same night. Awesome! and from what i heard, he bought it to hang in his new multi-million dollar beach front home of huge ass-ness! so i heard. i don't really know. i could be making the whole thing up and none of you would really know. but this is what i'm saying, so just believe in it.

Here are some photos of the show.

definitely a very cool time! oh and also check this shit out, ArtAZ has me as their featured artist this month.

and while i have all of you here, check out this new painting i'm working on for the "Guys' Guys" show in August for Gallery 1988::LA
i just started, so it's still in it's infancy, but here's what i got so far as of a night and a quarter ago:

it's two piece put together to make one. it's a diptych (hahahahaha...diptych) eh, well, i just really wanted to say "diptych" there's really not much to see or say here yet.

but check back next week, there's going to be a huge posting probably. Chris Ryniak is flying in to town tomorrow for his show with Scion curated by Francesco LoCastro, and Jeff Soto offered to take us out on a gallery run and buy us all hamburgers. so check out the photos! we'll probably post up hundreds!...well, maybe not hundreds, but check it out anyways. asshole.

well i'm off to paint again!


Blogger Dee C.K. said...

hahhaaa...little private time in your studio huh?? ^_^ I'm closing my eyes...
Glad that the show went well! Congrats on selling! ;)
I like the ones you have going so far! Awesome!
Hope your good! I have cards for you!

9:02 PM  
Blogger CMR said...

nice reflected light...



YOu, Me, destruction of all in our path. Get ready. booyukasha.

11:19 PM  
Blogger the chung said...

there need to panic, everybody. it's just your friendly neighborhood artist multi-tasking :)

but thanks for the congrats Dee. definitely i need some of your cards! GIMMIE!

AND Chris, bring it!!! THE FUCKING SHIT BEGINS TOMORROW!! I'll bring the baseball bats so we can each take turns driving Jeff's wife's car while we hit mail boxes hanging halfway out the window.

2:59 AM  

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