Wednesday, October 24, 2007

new painting

just a super quick post, i just finished this painting yesterday for the DVA gallerys "pick of the harvest" show in Chicago November 3rd opening

Title: "Cyclops Conjunctivitis"
Medium: acrylic on your mom's now defaced ass
size: 8"x8"

i don't have much to say for this except for that "Conjunctivitis" otherwise known as "Pink Eye" is a serious condition. Over 32 million Americans are infected by this deadly occular eating disease each year, which nearly always leads to the death of the family dog and the absence of Christmas. Statistics created by me show that at least 1 in 1 people you meet on a daily basis is likely to be infected by Pink Eye ...all the time, every time. Nobody is safe. However, with your help, and your delicious money, we can strive together to find a cure for this incurrable disease. By donating just $1 to the "The Chung is Searching for the Cure" foundation, i can purchase an eye cleaning kit to help prevent the world from this flesh devouring disease one eye at a time.

just send your money via paypal to and i will take your money and use it.
for the cause.

do it please. my day job is not paying us on time and i haven't eaten in days. I'M SO HUNGRY!!! GAAAAAAAAAUGH!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!! GIMMIE THE MONEY!!! THE MONEY!! GIVE ME THE MONEY!!! YOU SELFISH SELFISH HUMAN MONSTERS!! ugggghwahahnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!

my life is stupid


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no one commented on this entry....... EXCEPT ME!!! GIVE ME MY PRIZE!!!!!

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