Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guys' Guys show

went to do a studio visit at Jeff Soto's last Sunday where he had all his friends and family take a peak at his upcoming show at Jonathan Levine before shipping it out. and boy let me tell you, it was awesome. that dude just gets better and better. i hate him. haha.
but then he gave out a bunch of goodies like, Tshirts, Books, buttons, condoms, etc. so i forgave him. plus i won his giant QUEE toy at his raffle drawing.
but check out this freaky stray chihuahua that was following everybody wanting attention.

it was really sad actually. all you ended up wanting to do was pet it and give it love...but didn't want to get near it because it had pink eye and looked like it could be carrying a zombie virus.
i didn't take very many photos of jeff's studio or home, mainly because i didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of someone's private home or life and then posting it up on the internet for everybody to look at. but here's a few snaps of his new work instead:

sorry, but images of Jeff's work has been removed by request of Jonathan Levine. Sorry!!

ALL RIGHT so that's enough about Jeff...this blog is supposed to be about ME! AND HOW AWESOME I THINK I AM!!
So I'm in Gallery 1988's upcoming show which is entitled "the Guys' Guys" and will be opening on Tuesday, August 14th from 7pm-10pm.

here's a direct pull from their ad for the show:

10 Dude Artists Invade G1988: LA
Opens August 14, 7-10 PM!
Gallery 1988 is proud to present its newest show, "The Guys' Guys," featuring work from 10 male artists from all over: Matt Dangler (NJ, image above), Roland Tamayo (LA), Dave Chung (Detroit), Jose Emroca Flores (San Diego), Zach Johnsen (NY), Parskid (Seattle), Travis Lampe (Chicago), Andrew Wilson (San Diego), Rich Tuzon (LA) and Peter Taylor (Vancouver). All ten of these artists are being considered some of the most promising in their genre (those seen in our recent "Crazy 4 Cult" show all sold their pieces), so make sure to catch this exhibit.

For the past month, i've been locked up in the bathroom, painting all of these (plus several other pieces for other shows) and damnit...DAMNIT does it feel good to finally get out of the bathroom!! I got offered to do this show last minute (last month) substiting for another dude who had to back out due to personal issues, so I've been painting like mad ever since. Also, i know it's no new concept, but i've been listening to audio books while i paint now, and it just makes the time fly like crazy! Its way better than listening to music while you paint! and having been someone who's never really been into the whole Harry Potter series, i just started listening to all the books and...well...I'M SUCH A NERD!! i've been getting so into it too, i embarrass myself. i've caught myself a few times saying "Malfoy!" out loud with such disdain every time he enters a scene. then i realize what i'm doing and have to tell myself "it's ok. it's just a book...BUT I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!"

ok, i'm not talking about my nerdiness anymore. check out my paintings:

Title: Sea-Monkey Knife Fight
Medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 8" x 8"

Title: Two Scoops of What-the-Hell-is-That?
Medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 8" x 8"

Title: Warm Waters 1 (top): Despite the Temptations of Warmer Water, Baby Narwhal Knows Not To Enter the Ocean.
Title: Warm Waters 2 (bottom): Don't Breathe
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30" x 10"

Title: Friendships Usually Start with a Wet-Willy
Medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 14" x 11"

Title: Exorcism of the Phantom Booger
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 10" x 8"

Title: Herman's Been Caught Licking Smunch-Berries Again
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 8" x 10"

ok, well if you want to see them in person, and i suggest you should, go to the opening and say hi to me! it'll be fun. DO IT!!


Blogger Travis Louie said...

The work looks primo!

I don't think I'll be heading out there earlier than Sept 5th, . . .I'll see you then.
Once again, Primo stuff!!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Dee C.K. said...

OMGosh! DAVE your a painting madman~!
These turned out super awesome! I am truly sorry I didn't make the show that night, but I will deff. try to catch it before it flys away!
BTW- the HP series is awesome and yes, I agree, it makes the time zoom by! ;)
Cya, fellow nerd. (wink)
Lunch soon?

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malfoy is a DICK! He gets his though...

Hey, where the fuck do you get all your frames? TELL ME NOW!

P.S. I miss your soft touch.


7:57 PM  

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