Sunday, October 21, 2007

where the ding-dong have i been!?!?

GWAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!! an entry into the internet diary is made once again! sorry for not updating in a long ass time but i've been away for a very long time. As much as i would love to tell you everything in every PARTICLE BIT OF DETAIL!..i do not have as much time for such craziness as J.K. Rowling had to write her Harry Potter books. So i am just going to give you a quick abridged version of what has been going on and where i've been.

well before i get started on anything, here's the latest painting i just completed:

Title: Oktoberfest Meat
Medium: acrylic on canvas

This painting was comissioned by Scott Mosier to give to Kevin Smith as a birthday/christmas/whatever gift. its basically a painting based off of the first story that Kevin and Scott ever wrote together while they were in college. A story about a little midget, an apprentice to the village's butcher, who falls in love with the soon to be butchered prized pig for Oktoberfest. The midget then finds the courage to kill his master and serving him at Oktoberfest in order to save the pig and then they run away on a motorcycle with sidecar. quite touching can read about it on Kevin Smith's blog: scroll down a bit to see what the painting is really about.

OK SO NOW FIRST OF WHERE I'VE BEEN!! i had been hired onto the staff at Fantasy Prone to work on Spaceballs: The Animated Series as a Background / Props Designer. Ive been working there for the past 2 months now 5 days a week, 10 hours a day...half of which without internet. so that part of my communication was cut down. Working there has been a lot of fun, the crew i work with is amazing and everybody's a laugh to work with. there have been a lot of problems at work though regarding...well, for the sake of everybody who works there i'm not going to say. but let's just say i'm still eating instant noodles and living with my brother and his new wife (which i'm ultra grateful for!) I'd show you guys a few of the backgrounds or props i've done so far, but they would probably sue me and cut my testicles off...AND I NEED MY TESTICLES!! SORRY FOR BEING SO DAMN SELFISH! GAAAUGH!!

so anyways, after the first 2 weeks of working there, i had to ask for vacation for another 2 weeks because i had to fly out to Hawaii with Desiree to attend my brother's wedding. It was beautiful, i'll show you a few pictures of my trip. but just to give a quick little description, we basically went snorkling every day. I even brought a little underwater camera baggy with me which i used to take a bunch of cool under the sea pictures. i'll post them soon when i get the chance.

Then when i got back from hawaii it was jumping straight back to work at Spaceballs and painting til 5 am every night when i got home. so there was very little time for anything else...2 weeks later i had to fly out to Detroit to attend PART 2 of my brother's wedding. yes. it was very beautiful again.

so now hopefully back to reality for everybody, i got back and again jumped right back into work and painting. only to find out that i might not have a job anymore because of the...oh yeah, i wasn't going to say. but well, i might not have a job anymore. but atleast i was able to pick up a hefty check from my last few gallery shows to keep me eating for a few more days. plus it'll be good seeing how i also have 3 shows in november, 2 shows in december and 2 shows in january that i haven't quite prepared for...i could use the time.

ok well, there really is a lot more i'd like to tell you guys, but i think i need to spend my time a bit more wisely in order to not kill myself.

which i'm very close to doing.


Blogger Jeff Soto said...

Was wondering where you've been. I'll have to get the scoop on whatever is going on at your job.

And hey, don't kill yourself homie...

4:13 PM  
Blogger Travis Louie said...

when the smoke clears, I'm sure you'll still be standing.
Nice job on that piece for Kevin Smith.
I'll check in with you in a couple of days.


8:29 AM  
Blogger Desiree Fessler said...

haha u said ding dong! ....... ahh immaturity!

8:10 PM  

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