Sunday, December 31, 2006


so i'm finally moved into my new apartment. and i mean finally...where all the boxes and crap have been moved from my old to my new. just finished last night. this feels good. as soon as i get this place all cleaned up i'll show you guys some TOTALLY AWESOME PICTURES!! i like to take pictures in naked though...and have someone take them for me. so if there are any volunteers out there...just email me. we have wild sex party, eh? EHNG!?!

ok so, yesterday morning Desiree and i woke up to this STINK knocked us both out of bed. honestly it wasn't that bad of a stink, but it was a stink that if you were in a chinese restuarant and all they were cooking were buckets of garlic, onions, and SHIT!! kind of a stink. i mean this stink shoved itself into your sinuses and then slapped the hell out of your brains while tugging on your was something i didn't want to wake up to.
you know, it's one thing to wake up to loud noises because of the thin walls in your apartment...but it's another when you have to wake up to their smells. i guess i shouldn't complain though, at least i have a place.

I've been trying to work on this new piece which i was supposed to have done by tomorrow for Gallery 1988 for the next I-AM 8Bit show, but i havne't had a chance to really do anything for it because the past month i finally got put on full time at the Highway Press ( which is a really damn awesome place to work at, we make some high ass quality shirts and art prints. Niagara, Glenn Barr, Emek, Tristan Eaton, and recently Shag have been getting their fine art prints done up there, just to name a very few list of artists. it's been really cool to be helping out printing Shag prints. we did some up for the Jonathan Levin gallery solo show he had just last month (i get to keep a copy of each print i help with :) ). it was totally awesome. OH NO I LOST MY ORIGINAL THOUGHT MEATS!! WHAT WAS I TRYING TO GET AT!?

well i forget, but anyways, my apartment smells like garbage yet again. so i'm going to go vomit into the vents and hopefully share my feelings with the neighbors beneath me.


Blogger CMR said...

DUDE, where the hell are you living now? Sounds like Zug Island.

Bah, Happy Newing of the Year and all that, and congrats on the jobby. NOw make me some CMR shirts.

9:53 AM  
Blogger the chung said...

i live in Madison Heights. it's butt loads of fun.

and thanks for the congrats...but i've been working at Highway press for 2 years now. but if you wanna get shirts made, email me.

6:01 PM  

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