Sunday, November 11, 2007

more new shows.

so, unfortunately i've been having a really hard time trying to update and send out newsletters to everybody, and unfortunately 2 shows have already come and gone for this month that i had work in...but don't worry, i'm letting you know about this upcoming show right now. PAY ATTENTION!!

here's a piece that i just finished for the "Green" exhibition curated by the magical publisher/writer/artist/wizard, Mark Murphy which can be seen opening night at the Robert Berman gallery

Robert Berman Gallery

Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Avenue : Gallery C2
Santa Monica : CA : 90404

Green Art Exhibition : Nov 17 : 7:30 PM : Exhibit Opening :
The Robert Berman Gallery is pleased to present GREEN, curated by Mark Murphy, an exhibition that will showcase the inspired talents of over 40 artists including: Jeff Soto, Andrew Brandou, Robert Hardgrove, Marc Burckhardt, The Chung!, Kim Scott, Kathie Olivas, Mars-1, and many, many more! Artwork features an eclectic mix of visual storytelling as artists hope to reveal nature’s delicate balance with humankind. Exhibition will be on display from 11/17-12/22, please contact for more information. Sponsored by and featuring the live music performances of SSI and the Modlins.

here is the piece that i am submitting:

Title: "When Nature Calls, Try to Give a Little Back to the Community"
Medium: acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24" x 36"

Detail 1

Detail 2

I have already sent out an email to most of my collectors regarding this piece, however if anybody else has any inquiries about how to acquire this piece (or any other artworks in the show), Mark Murphy has requested that you email him about it:

also you can check out the progress of the show at mark's blog

Also if you haven't checked out the Hi-Fructose show at Gallery 1988 i had two pieces in there, and the show was crazy! Attaboy and Annie Owens (Mother and Father of Hi-Fructose Magazine. As well as the nicest damn people i've ever met) put together this crazy ass show filled with the best damn art these days has to offer. so if you're in the LA area go and check it out! I MEAN DAMNIT!! i think they still have some candy left, so go and grab some!

ok, i have to work on another show right now coming up at the end of this month so i gotta go, but i'll keep you all posted!


Blogger shaunna said...

Awesome piece Chung! I wish I had one of those little guys to buzz new rolls of toilet paper my way when I need them. You're such a creative genius.

1:54 AM  
Blogger steven said...

Hey man it was great to meet you, and your lady.
That was a crazy party mixer thingy!
great new piece! Always mad creative!
take care!

10:51 PM  
Blogger the chung said...

Thanks shaunna! maybe one day you WILL have a little guy to buzz around your toilet too!

steven, thanks, and it was awesome to have met you too! Let's defintely do it again. oh and that wasn't my lady, but a friend i work with at Spaceballs, MY lady is still in detroit with a firm grip on my heart and balls. haha.

2:17 PM  

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