Sunday, September 24, 2006

new painting

OKAY! i have completed my painting for the show at Gallery 1988 in LA based on Disney's Chesire Cat. it's supposed to be a release party for their new custom vinyl toys of the cat. the toy looks pretty cool, they even have a glow in the dark chesire cat. or i could just be making that up. i'm not really sure. what the hell is a chesire cat anyway??

Anyway, here's the painting i did about the chesire cat. the photo is crap because there's horrible lighting and my floor is sticky. WHY IS MY FLOOR STICKY!?!? ALWAYS COVERED IN GOO IT IS!!! GRAAAWAAUGH!!! stupid floor goo. title: "MY SUPER INVISIBLE POWERS ARE BROKEN!!!"
medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 36" x 24"

i'll post a better picture of this when i get one. ok, well this entry is going to be really short because i have a whole lotta goo to clean up. so i'm ending this right now.

oh hello. i didn't notice you there.



Blogger Alice Stribling said...

ha ha it's GREAT!! Are those twinkies?


1:27 PM  
Blogger aeron said...

Great painting, it would have been really funny if the alien was shooting the twinkie so the cat would look like it's freaking out over its destroyed twinkie and not the alien invasion.

8:09 PM  

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