Friday, September 01, 2006

just call me professor THE CHUNG!!

hahaha, so check this out, this is gonna make you guys pee your pants...
guess who's teaching kids art now? ENGH!? ME!! oh man, those poor kids. it's at this private art akadamie for kids who want to get into art school.
i taught my very first class yesterday, didn't expect to, i thought i was just going in to discuss my schedule and explain the syllabus i was setting up, but then my boss told me to take over, "these are your kids." I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I HAD KIDS!? i'm such a whore. anyways, yeah, so i'm teaching now. at here: and those kids are really talented. they're great, very willing to allow me to punch them in the back of the head and scream how AWESOME THEY ARE but to do better or else i'll eat their parents. naw i'm just kidding. i passed a note, we're not allowed to scream in class.
ok but enough about my teaching job, if i say anymore i'll probably get fired. FIRED!! KABOOOOOOSH!!! FLAMES EVERYWHERE!!

ok, i'm done blogging right now...DONE! i'll be back later.


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