Wednesday, February 27, 2008


GAAAAAAAAAWD!! i'm not going to apologize for the lack of blog entries right now. I DON'T NEED TO APOLOGIZE EVERY TIME I MAKE AN ENTRY!! sorry.

but TITS!! i mean c'mon! i've been busy. i pretty much fell off the face of the earth. i even banged my knee against my office table while doing so. IT SUCKED! it was one of those moves where you crunch your knee against the corner of the table leg then cry out in pain while thrusting forward to comfort your knee then you smash your forehead against the edge of the table sending your head off to the side to avoid further pain but then blast your left ear against the wall. and that's when you start peeing blood. wait...ok let me explain where i've been. some of you have been asking, "yo where the fuck!?" and yes "where the fuck" indeed. i'm simply back for this entry because i've missed you all and i'm starting my decent back to earth.

although i'm late...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! i was going to make a post on the first of january, but i didn't get time to and then i decided to go toPink's instead. then i got this giant mess of food.. i've been on the toilet ever since. but it was delicious so i'm not apologizing. then came Feb 7th (chinese new years) and i was going to post an entry up about that, thinking that i've got a second chance to tell everybody what i've been up to and to start off with a second new years. but then the temple that i live next to decided to set off 2 hours worth of firecrackers in an oil barrel and march down my street in a dragon dance dance parade. i got drunk by myself and threw bottles at them...therefore missing to post an entry yet again.

then from then forth, i've been working nonstop overtime 80 hours a week trying to meet deadlines for the show i've been working on "Spaceballs the animated series" with my second family at the office in beverly hills...and tonight...well i'm actually supposed to be still at the office working, but i decided to come home and shower for once. maybe eat a bowl of top ramen. play with the ol' weiner. oop. excuse me ladies, i meant masturbate. sorry.
anyways, pretty much my life has been occupied by the company that i currently am employed by. but no complaints! i actually love what i'm doing. in addition to spaceballs, they've got me started on desiging an entire show (top secret for now...i think. so i can't show you anything i'm working on. not for spaceballs either, not until it airs.) but that'd be cool for when it finally does. which is on March 28 on the G4 network. i think. i don't know. i just draw all day.

anyways...FUCK WORK! guess what assholes!? also while i was away from the internet, i got engaged!! FUCKYEAH YOU SLIMEY BITCH! so i finally popped the question and asked the lovely Desiree Fessler to marry me. and she said "YES!"
well, eventually. there really wasn't much talking involved. funny story actually...i show up to detroit the day after christmas surprising her early in the morning butt-ass na...well, i don't think i'm going to tell this story. you can ask her for the details. but believe you me...there were plenty of maggots and blood all over the place by the time she finally said yes. it was SO ROMANTIC!! YEAGH!! i even got down on my knee when i did it too. and a good thing too because i had an annoying wad of tape stuck under my sock that i needed to remove. well. so to make a long story short, i'm engaged now, so i better watch what i say and do from now on. so back off ladies. i'm taken! because you all wanted me before when i was single right? yeah. you did. i know i'm hot. i got a 1 on my score. the best score you can get! i know the truth. UNGH!! YEAH!!

so yeah, i'm all grown up now...i'm an engaged man. WHUT!?

Then after i went to propose in detroit, she followed me back to LA for two shows that she was in, one at Thinkspace for the bird show (which she sold all her work before the show even opened to some big shot hollywood writer. that dirty-...well. i'm proud of her.) then at the Stan Lee tribute show at Gallery 1988 where she again sold her piece before the show opened. here's a picture of the piece she did (sorry i couldn't get a better picture!)

i actually stole this photo from another website because i don't know what happened to the good one i took. i suck.

so the shows were great! then we ended up going to Disneyland. which is always awesome. except for this time it rained. and we were miserable. and i ate a soggy churro. I HATE SOGGY CHURROS!!!! but other than that, it was still pretty sweet. here's us on the Space Mountain ride.
i'm actually trying to shove desiree out of the way with my arm so that i could take a super hot picture of myself, but she just really wanted to be in the picture. it ended up being a cute picture, so i'm not going to complain. i'll post it up on myspace later and photoshop her out of it so i can use it as my new avatar. isn't highschool just such a drag! gaugh as if. penis.

then after that i sent her ass back to detroit to start working at her new job as a full time in house graphic designer. all right, i'm not going to lie. it sucks not having her with me. but it's best for us to keep the long distance going until we save enough money to move in together. however, on the bright side of things, i've never been happier! gay.
moving on.

i'm in that upcoming show at G1988 for the mattel sponsered show. and tomorrow the artists involved have been invited to take a tour to of the secret toy factory! i'm crazy excited! unfortunately they don't allow you to take photos or defecate all over their facilities, so i'll try to sketch everything out and show you guys. look for it soon.

all right anyways, i know this entry was just me yammering about shit you don't even care about, but you know what. isn't that what religion is all about? ISN'T IT!?!

OH! and p.s. if you happen to live in Turkey, pick up the latest issue of Photoshop magazin...they got a whole 4 page feature on me. it's awesome. i couldn't read a word of what they said about me...but i'm pretty sure they called me a "douche" atleast 3 times. but only used "douchebag" once. so eh.


Blogger Travis Louie said...

the future is so bright for you!!

I wish you guys the best!


11:38 AM  
Blogger Dee C.K. said...

WOW! I just spent my whole lunch hour reading your blab! hahhaa...NAH, DUDE, I'm soo happy for you two! Congrats on the engagement! Now we can discuss the wedding and what flowers and cake...and....jus kiddin'
Yea, it's been awhile since we've talked, but I know I can just stalk your blog and catch up. ;), I'm stealth like that, no personal buisness there...teehee.
Thanks fo droppin' by fool....(that's my gangsta talk for I appreciate your comments on my blog good sir) :)
WE MUST HAVE LUNCH SOON, while I can still afford it...hahaa...jk
peace out or in, however you feel necessary.
PS: Your GF's painting is awesome! tell her hi 4 me!

6:07 PM  
Blogger Desiree Fessler said...


10:48 PM  
Blogger the chung said...

thanks travis!
and thanks dee, we will definitely have to discuss flowers and cake and novelty underpants together soon over lunch. it will be the mad ill gangsta type lunch. foo. :)

desiree, i'm not stalking you, i've already told you, i only go into your email account like 5 times a day to send dirty photos to random people from your account.
and the responses they send back to you are hilarious!

2:36 AM  
Blogger shaunna said...

Congratulations Chung on your engagement! That's awesome!

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Walker said...

Congrats on the big news, dude! Maybe I'll see you at Gallery 1988 in a few weeks. yea!

11:23 PM  
Blogger Dustin A. Foust said...

Wow thats one hell of a post. Sweet art work to.

1:21 PM  

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